Estimated pricing for commissioned works


Pricing for artwork is based on an overall feel for approximate difficulty of execution, based on a number of factors.

The factors that are taken into account when determining pricing are size, medium, and level of detail involved - which includes number of faces, variety of textures within the image, number of layers of depth (i.e. furniture in foreground; wall with open french doors showing landscape in background).

Graphite or charcoal portraits, with a standard frame size of 11" x 14" currently start at approximately $350.

An impressionistic style painting with size 16" x 20" would start at $500, while a photo-realistic painting of the same size and medium will be $750 and up.

Please feel free to contact me with your ideas and I can send you a quote for the artwork. I look forward to hearing from you:

remrobinson at gmail dot com

Size & Detail

The size and detail of the desired painting will help determine the final pricing for the piece of art.

A larger painting with sparse detail may end up similar in price to a smaller painting with elaborate detail.

Naturally hyper realistic work requires more time and hence will result in a higher cost.

Because I specialize in photo- and hyper-realism I am also proficient in virtually any other style, due to the overall general ability of copying an image.

Drawings vs. Paintings

Any art work may be commissioned as a painting or drawing. Please specify which medium you prefer. For drawings I work mainly in charcoal, graphite or colored pencil.

The medium for painting will be chosen by the client depending on what he/she desires. If no preference exists then the medium will be chosen depending on the mood of the artist.

As a general rule, paintings are more expensive that drawings; color more expensive than black and white.