About the artist.

I grew up in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, and I currently live in Boulder, Colorado. I obtained a BFA in Painting and Drawing from RMCAD in 2010. These days, you can usually find me painting murals with the So-Gnar Creative Division in the greater Denver area, plein air painting somewhere outside (usually somewhere around Boulder), or in my studio, painting there. Or I might be somewhere else in the world on vacation. Since that's unfortunately not always possible, it is likely the case that I might be spending my spare time making music on my computer, fishing, reading, or generally observing nature and the framework within which it operates, leading continually to new insights into how it must be painted. Odd as it might sound, these gained insights into the operation of the natural world, in turn, help to be able to understand the nature of the self, which I find to be genuinely interesting and thrilling.